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What is Integrative Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture is a non-surgical method to reduce and prevent the signs of aging and stress in a subtle, natural way.  These cosmetic treatments are integrated with overall health and lifestyle considerations that facilitate graceful aging and awaken your radiant inner beauty.

Noticable results are usually seen after a few treatments.  Fine lines may disappear, deeper wrinkles reduce, puffy eyes and bags diminish as eyes brighten, skin becomes clearer, and youthful energy returns.  Integrative Cosmetic Acupuncture can address specific aging concerns, and can be used preventatively at any age.

How Does it Work?

As with all other facial rejuvenation methods, treatments stimulate fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin, and facilitate other natural processes which enhance the appearance of the skin.  Facial muscles are also encouraged to relax or engage as needed to alleviate wrinkles and softly conture to the underlying facial structure.

On a more subtle level, treatments regulate one’s energy, reduce the effects of stress, improve digestion and elimination of toxins, and resolve other underlying health issues that contribute to the premature appearance of aging.


The longest lasting and most noticeable results require a course of 10 weekly treatments, each lasting for about 90 minutes.  Effects are typically seen after the first treatment, and last about a week.  Each treatment is cumulative, solidifying the effects and enhancing them over time, which is why the weekly treatment schedule is important.  Effects usually become most noticable and lasting after the seventh treatment.

After the initial series of treatments, monthly maintenance sessions can prolong the results for three to five years.  As with other beauty practices, regularly scheduled sessions are important to maintain the results and slow the visible signs of aging.  Younger patients may have less pronounced results, but the treatment results will tend to last longer, because they already have youthful skin.  Older patients will tend to see more dramatic results, and will need to be more diligent about maintaining results.

Integrative Cosmetic Acupuncture sessions begin like regular healthcare treatments – a detailed intake of health history and any current medical issues, followed by a discussion about the cosmetic treatment process, identification of target areas, and treatment expectations.

Do the needles hurt?   Yes, inserting the needles will probabaly hurt a little, but once in, they aren’t uncomfortable.  Some patients don’t feel any discomfort, as each person’s body reacts differently to needle insertion.  The number of needles used for treatment depends on the number and types of issues we’re addressing.

Who is Not a Good Candidate for Integrative Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Generally, most people are good candidates for Integrative Cosmetic Acupuncture.
Here are some exceptions:

  • Recent Botox or Filler injections (within 4 weeks, unless you want the body to process out the Botox/Filler more quickly)
  • Significant Botox/Filler use (this generally will make treatments seem less effective)
  • Currently Sick with a Cold or Flu
  • Currently Pregnant
  • Chronic Migraines (some clients who suffer from migraines will improve with Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments, but sometimes treatments can trigger a migraine)
  • Significant Uncontrolled Health Issues & Diseases (other health issues need to be addressed first to get the best results from Cosmetic Acupuncture)
  • Clients who easily Bruise, Bleed, or take Blood Thinners (the risk of bruising is increased with cosmetic acupuncture)
  • Upcoming event within 1 week of treatment (due to risk of bruising with treatments, it’s best to do your final session at least one week prior to any significant event)

Do you have cosmetic concerns or issues?  Are you interested in aging gracefully with health and radiant beauty?  Send me a message or just schedule an appointment – I’d love to work with you!

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